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We design and operate exclusive, tailor-made travel experiences for private groups, businesses and institutions.

Our events are personally developed to match your interests, your chosen destination and your desires. We expertly cater for a whole range of passions from history to fine art, gastronomy to biking and everything else in between: wine, hiking, sailing and more. On our examples page you will catch a glimpse of the range of activities we develop both singularly or as part of a more complex but balanced itinerary.

We work closely with writers, artisans, museum curators, chefs, winemakers, historians and even royalty to make sure that we can provide you with unforgettable, one-of-a-kind experiences. These experiences might include a special dinner in a private palace, an after-hours visit of a famous museum, a hike along the italian countryside with a famous writer or a simple wine tasting in the most sought-after winery.

We take great pride in our philosophy and always work with the view of providing the very best experiences to leave you with the most exciting stories for your dinners back home.

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